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Music: Arise - Gracy Aden |@gracyaden



Talented Nigerian Author and gospel singer Gracy  Aden returns with a brand new song "Arise" produced by Tonality Music Int'l.

The song was given and received in the place of prayer as a tool for prophetic spiritual warfare. It is a song of intense communion with the Lord; seeking His intervention in matters of concern. #Arise was borne out of a place of fellowship and drawn from the understanding of the dynamic nature of God who revealed Himself through the pages of the scriptures in different ways as occasion demanded. He still reveals Himself in the same manner.

#Arise is a prayer from Psalm 18: 46-50

'' is God who avenges me and subdues the people under me,
Who delivers me from my enemies;
You also lift me up above those who rise against me.
You have delivered me from the violent man, therefore I will give thanks to You.
Great deliverances and triumph give He to us his people and He shows us mercy and steadfastness...''.

Every time you call, sing or cry to Him to #Arise, He will answer and you shall testify. Amen

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